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  • Dynamic Bike Care Rainy Day Extreme Lube 100 ml Bottle

Rainy Day Extreme Lube 100 ml Bottle

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- High performance lubricant
- Optimized to last long in extreme wet conditions
- Offers ultimate protection against corrosion
- Contents 100 ml

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The favorite lube of pro cycling teams for rainy days: Dynamic Rainy day lube. 

The high performance lubricant is optimized to last long in extreme wet conditions. The excellent water repellent formula will keep your chain running smoothly during your ride in the rain. In comparison to traditional wet lubes, Dynamic Rainy day lube will last longer and offers ultimate protection against corrosion. Due to its high creep capability, the oil will penetrate deeply into each chain link to offer good lubrication and protection.

For best results, use Dynamic Rainy day lube after cleaning your chain with Dynamic Chain Cleaner. Afterwards, apply the chain lube on each chain link and/or moving parts of your bike.

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