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  • Dynamic Bike Care Dry Lube 100 ml Bottle

Dynamic Bike Care Dry Lube 100 ml Bottle

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- Optimized for use in dry weather
- No dirt or dust will sticks to your bicycle chain
- High performance lube with a very low friction coefficient
- Protects against corrosion
- Contents 100 ml

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Use Dynamic Dry lube in dry conditions to make sure no dirt or dust sticks to your bicycle chain. The advanced chain lubricant will make your drivetrain run smoothly and improves the efficiency.

The ingredients of this dry lube are carefully selected, resulting in a high performance lube with a very low friction coefficient. It keeps moving parts operating smoothly, reduces friction and protects against corrosion and holds up in even the most extreme situations. The premium oil penetrates quickly into each chain link’s core to give ultimate lubrication and protection. 

Dynamic Dry lube is optimized for use in dry weather. For best results, use Dynamic Dry lube after cleaning your chain with Dynamic Chain Cleaner. Afterwards, apply the chain lube on each chain link and/or moving parts of your bike.

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