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Bike Fit

From now on we can help you out with our in-house bike fitting service. If you’ve got a discomfort riding your bike, there’s something wrong. Riding your bike should be painless. The perfect position on your bike is essential for comfort, balance, injury prevention and translates in you knalling harder than ever before on your bike. Just like our repair service is the bikefit open for everyone, and not just for store bought bikes. Wheter it’s a race, mountain, gravel, time trial or track bike, we’ll make it fit like a glove.



Gilles, a licensed physiotherapist who is a cyclist himself takes care of business. With a background in cycling he is the perfect person to help you on your way. Understanding the needs of a modern day cyclist. We’ don’t work with pre fixed programs that tell you what and how. Gilles takes his knowledge of the cycling and his all around good vibe to get you riding without pain and even better than before.


We offer static and dynamic bike fits. Put your cleats where they should be, seat pressure. The direct connection to our workshop makes the process of getting your bike ready super easy.

Interested in a bikefit?

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